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Beyond the Ordinary with the RH-Factor

At various points in my life, I instinctively go back to my Celtic roots. I feel more Irish and Scottish than my Italian and Spanish self is willing to admit. The Celtic music speaks to me in ways that go directly into my fiery core which is like a beckoning light, leading me home.

There are so many questions that I have, it’s almost like I don’t know who I am. Is the negative blood type running through my veins really Alien in nature or am I a different kind of human that is either a forgotten myth or interstellar traveler?

Either one is fine with me, as long as there is some semblance of truth guiding me on my quest for answers. So, I thought I would share some interesting, maybe weird findings with all of you. Life experiences can either be unexpected treasures or the junk of disappointment. Either way, there is always something to be learned.

Belonging Some Place Else

Sometimes I feel very alone, not the self indulgent, “Woe is me” feeling but more, “okay, where did my people go?”

I have had memories and visions, but I must pause here to fervently state, these are not dreams which are entirely a different ballgame. These are worlds that feel so much like home that when I realize I am back here in this reality or dimension, that I almost feel horribly abandoned, lost to my true home. As much as I love this planet, home is not here.

I think many RH negative people feel this way to a certain degree. Do I have proof, no but I have talked to many who feel a calling to someplace else.  We feel a kinship with vast open spaces along with the mountainous regions. I am not a water person by a long shot but opposite of this is the vast and bottomless ocean. We are kin to one or the other.

Fairy Folk

Michael and I believe in the Fairy folk and other Wee people of purported myth. We search out Cryptids and Beings of old who have not abandoned our forests. As long as they are still here, we truly believe humanity has a chance to correct the chaos and mayhem we created. I feel when humans stray from their true nature; our beloved friends can no longer communicate with them. Humans can become blind and deaf to the ancient ones. The wake-up call is now.


Crowds can become like the definition of a claustrophobic maze. The roads less traveled are more comfortable. It’s a feeling where I become undetectable, hidden from sight which is a much more relaxed feeling. Though, I must admit, I still have the weirdest desire to jump into bushes when cars drive by our front yard. It’s so overwhelming that at times, I feel like I will jump out of my skin if I don’t hide. It’s the darndest thing and one that I don’t think I will ever outgrow.

Blood Type Diet

Interestingly, I was introduced to what is called the blood diet years ago. My naturopathic doctor introduced me to it years before I met Michael, who is a big fan of it. There is no distinction between the positive and negative blood types. I was left scratching my head when I saw they didn’t differentiate between the two because I feel there is a big difference with the blood types.

Michael didn’t think it would matter but I told him that some of the foods I wasn’t allowed for my blood type didn’t feel right. For example, I feel like crap after weeks of not eating ground beef or beef itself. That kind of meat every so often just keeps me going. How can spinach pasta be bad for me? I like spinach and feel good eating it. I love cashew and pistachio nuts and low and behold, I’m not supposed to have them either. I just go according to what my body says, and she says eat what feels good.


I often wonder if this other realm that RH negatives are from, is under water only because of how much water we drink. I know I’ve stated this before but it’s a bit bizarre how much water I drink considering the fact that I don’t really like to swim. I often have felt that if I was by the ocean for too long, the mermaids would come looking for me. I wonder if there is a connection between my blood type and the Merpeople. Unless I develop gills any time soon, I’m probably not going to find out.

Peeping Toms

This last bit of sharing is a rather strange one. It doesn’t happen all the time (thank Goodness) but when it does, it’s really frightening.  I can be in a room and know if someone is watching me, you know like the invisible peeping toms or the yellow eyes with no face. When I would practice for a show or restaurant gig in my dancing days, the feeling would be so strong that the back of my neck would get all prickly and I would get Spock ears …which usually meant that someone with a dubious and formidable presence was close by. I could also feel people watching me from the ceiling. It was the oddest sensation because either they had to be looking down at me or they were watching from some form of technology that gave the impression they were looking down at me. I could feel people outside my window, and I would peer out and see nothing but I knew they were there.

As an RH negative, I think we are watched every so often. Are we a part of an agenda that very few speak of, only time will tell but until then, I will keep searching for answers even if they are in the weirdest of places and beyond the ordinary.



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Paranormal Underground Magazine

Check out my articles in the April and May issues of the Paranormal Underground magazine. Lots of great articles and insights into the paranormal from people just like you and me, looking for the truth.


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Rural Oregon – A World Full of Paranormal

We have lived here in Oregon for about 7 months and a quite amazing trend is developing. The area east and southeast of Portland, called the Mt. Hood Territory is loaded with paranormal happenings. When you are new to an area, you first need to explore. That is what we have done and we have driven hundreds of miles of back-roads within 50 miles of our home.

The purpose of these drives, was to feel and see the surroundings. With Rainbow being an empath, she can sense areas favorable for paranormal activity, focusing on these areas to make contact and build relationship with the local people. For the locals, are the story tellers, the experiencers and the ones who have the rich encounters that can grow the wisdom and knowledge of their native paranormal. The paranormal for most of them, is just the norm.

So we have focused our research in two areas, one around Estacada and Silver Falls State park Oregon. In the Estacada area, Rainbow made direct contact with a Sasquatch for a about one month. She was told this Sasquatch family would be moving to a summer camp in the Mt Hood area. Back about two months ago, we started exploring Mt. Hood and our initial contact was with a Park Ranger who talked to us about his personal encounter with an entity on a park trail. He also told us a story about a person who had a one on one encounter with a child Sasquatch, this person lived and worked in Sandy, just outside of the Mt Hood National forest.

Next, we have started making contact with wonderful people around Silver Falls State Park area who have shared several stories about their Sasquatch encounters, UFOs, Ghosts and other interesting beings.

The Mt Hood territory, is rich in beauty and rich in the paranormal. As far as I can tell,  their paranormal experiences are quite normal and most of them seem to enjoy living among the high strangeness as long as it’s not too scary.

Sleep tight — Remember only fear can make the strangeness scary … you have the control.

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McMenamins 18th Annual UFOfest

Since this was our first time to McMinnville, Michael and I didn’t know what to expect. I have been to Roswell’s UFO Festival a couple of times and really enjoyed the energy there but I must say, that McMenamins was by far more crowded, exciting and just plain fun!

When we arrived to McMinnville, we knew we were in the right place because there were people walking along the streets dressed like aliens or favorite characters from Star Wars and other Syfy shows.

Our favorite part of the many events outside along the downtown area, was the doggy-alien costume contest. As you can imagine, people’s imaginations were on overdrive and the attention to detail was impressive.

Michael and I decided to get tickets to go listen to the panel discussion on Saturday. The panel included Yvonne Smith, Melanie Young, Robert Hastings, Dr. Robert Jacobs, David Schindele, James Clarkson and emcee Peter Davenport.

There was a table where you could write down a question to be asked to a specific person or the group as a whole. It was a good group of speakers and there were a few Michael and I would have liked to listen to if we would have had another day to venture out.

Michael took some photos so we hope you enjoy them. Next year we plan on spending more time at this event and who knows, maybe dress up one of our dogs and enter them into the contest!

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We are heading to McMinnville, Oregon to the UFO Festival this weekend. We will let you know all about it in our next post.

If you are in the area, hope to see  you there!



Mike and Rainbow

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Warsiah Continued

The plastic placed back and partially eaten apple

Interestingly, things with Warsiah didn’t go as I planned and in some ways that is the best way things can go. We went back the following week and took chocolate, apples and granola bars for Warsiah. She loves chocolate!

The second week, we put an apple in location #1 in-between the tree trunk and saw that the apple was completely taken out with nothing there. In location #2 which was Warsiah’s choice, we put chocolate, an apple and the granola bar in the tree trunk.

We walked for awhile, which took us around an hour and decided to go back and see if anything was taken. In location #1, the apple was still there. In location #2, to my surprise and Michael’s delight she took the chocolate out of the plastic and folded it back and put it back in the tree trunk. We got a partially eaten apple with teeth marks but the granola bar was still there.

That for me was just as exciting as the wreath because of the fact that she put the plastic back and folded it. She definitely is a classy gal and I could feel her presence that day.

In-between the following  week, Warsiah told me she and her clan were moving to higher ground away from the hustle and bustle of people. She said that we had to go find her further in the forest. That is not easy to say the least. I know the general direction but not exact location.

After getting this news, the following week we went back and took more food and checked each location. Location #1 had no apple so we replaced it and put in a granola bar. Location #2, the apple was gone; the granola wrapper was opened up. (Foot note: I had shown her how to open it) the chocolate was still there.

I knew immediately that she hadn’t been there and I felt someone else had taken the apple and granola bar. We decided to replace the apple, granola bar and keep the chocolate in the plastic wrapper so she could find it. (I didn’t know if she had left yet.)

Michael wanted to find another location that we named location #3. In that location we placed an apple, chocolate, the drawing I had done of her, a granola bar and a written note saying hello from Michael and I.

At this time I had received two new names of Sasquatch in Warsiah’s clan. Echobah is a very tall, 9 to 10 feet in height male, reddish in color who is very vocal, though I will say I have not heard him as of yet. Warsiah said he is very vocal and I assumed that we would have heard him by now but I think they all left before this could happen.

Also, Warsiah has a son and I received the name Obregon. He’s an adolescent, about 6 feet high and dark brown with light brown hair like Warsiah. I was hoping to see them all before they left but this past week, her chocolate still hasn’t been touched or the granola bar from location #2 and #3.

On this day, I could feel all three. That blissful feeling that you hear about people getting when they communicate, it was consuming and intoxicating. The most amazing feeling I have ever felt in my life!

Interestingly these past few weeks we have been finding money on the ground, twice so far. The first time was a $5 dollar bill down on the ground below the passenger side door at a coffee shop and the second time a $5 and $1 dollar bill in front of our house. I heard that they can leave money so if it happens a third time, I will know it’s from Warsiah.

Michael also received a name while we were visiting the third location. The name that came to him was, Camoot. So, we will see where these names, money and new location take us. Stay tuned!



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The People of Heart

Visiting Warsiah’s home.

In a land not so far away, are a very enchanting people. They walk a path, one that leads to more questions than it answers. It’s a never ending path that zig zags and straight-lines itself into twists and turns. It’s a shadowy and ominous place full of silence and the respite of languishing dreams. Humans call it-the Forest; the clans of Sasquatch call it home.

The smell of rainfall and the wetness squishing between each footstep, along with the swirling clouds opening up to the sun and then closing their puffy doors without notice, is an everyday occurrence for the Oregonian Sasquatch. They welcome Natures fickle and remedial musings.

The air is full of promise; the wind echoes the songs and dialogues of everyone she passes, almost becoming the gossipmonger of all. The trees stand strong almost as if they are the sentient guardians that have truly stood the tests of time. It’s a world that very few humans understand and that to the Sasquatch, is the way they prefer it.

To understand the Sasquatch world, humans would have to first confront their inner fears, those created by insecurities developed within the concrete world of their making. Secondly, they would have to be willing to let go of materialistic and superficial desires that fill the mind with constant want, the insatiable appetite for convenience.

To be with Sasquatch in the moment, is a meditation of the mind, almost like a Zen moment that is beyond a hallucination, reality in 3D to all the senses, feeling, tasting and seeing beyond the flat and mundane colors of existence in our concrete reality. They see how we live as a prison, self created, self imposed, inflicted upon our children with no more regard than it would be to shoot down a bird for sport. They see us as lost children, constantly looking for sustenance and meaning to a world we created out of a tedium and laborious mindset.

They reach out because they are people of heart.

This isn’t because they see that we always need help, but because they see us asking, seeking, and sometimes silently screaming for answers that often seem to evade us but only because we can’t see past our own convoluted ideals. They remind us, the answers are always within arm’s reach, we just need to get past preconceived notions that reality only existed after we placed it in our concrete world, and hid it in a well forgotten place called, inconsequence.

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The Eagle and the Hawk and a Sasquatch named Warsiah



The Forest

During our most recent Sasquatch research outing we pulled into a parking lot of a nearby State Park and something caused Rainbow to look up into the sky to witness an amazing maybe once in a lifetime event. It was a bald Eagle and a large brown speckled Hawk flying about 20 feet apart. They were in peace with each other’s presence, which in its self would be a major happening. Two birds of prey don’t normally dance nicely together. The Native Americans would consider what we both saw, as a sign of something important going to happen. And it did.

We had gone to see, if a female Sasquatch named, Warsiah had taken apples again and a chocolate offering we had left about 3 days before. One apple and small piece of wrapped chocolate was placed in the middle of a cluster of tightly paired Douglas fir trees. And another apple in small stump – 4 foot high that had a center that was rotted out to make a perfect hiding place for a nice Organic Fiji apple. This was a particularly picturesque area with moss covered tree trucks and a small running creek.

First friendship offering of an apple.

When we came back on this day, we went to the closest hidden site to the parking lot and yes the Apple was taken, but the Chocolate was not. Rainbow thought Warsiah probably didn’t know what the small package was, but Rainbow said she would first let Warsiah know if we leave something new in the future. Oh you need to know one more thing, Rainbow is a receiver/Empath and she can get communications from a Sasquatch and she has.  Rainbow can even ask a question or two, but for now more receiving than sending.

In to the second location,  Warsiah had told Rainbow to find this particular tree with a hole in it for the apple. And on this return trip, again the Apple was gone. So it was a happy result, but the best was yet to come. 

Instead of turning back toward the parking lot Rainbow was directed by Warsiah to go back on the trail toward an open field and as we did that I saw the beautiful wreath hanging from a small broken tree limb. I call it, Warsiah’s twisted vine art – our gift from a Sasquatch. I was looking for something of solid evidence, since I am not as gifted as Rainbow is-as an Empath. The wreath was that evidence I wanted. 

Rainbow mentioned after the wonderful day, that Warsiah told her, I was the Eagle and Rainbow was the Hawk. Rainbow had told Warsiah she loved feathers, this was Warsiah way of giving more.

Sleep Tight – There is more to come – with the Eagle, the Hawk and Warsiah.





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A Sasquatch named Warsiah



Drawing of Warsiah

For many months, almost a year I didn’t have any contact with a Cryptid, Spirit or Entity like years previous. It just didn’t happen.

I formerly wrote that it was obvious that I was dealing with a Reptilian who had ulterior motives, bad ones to be exact, back in Utah. I believe this Reptilian blocked contact and held me captive to a certain degree. It has taken me 6 months to shake off this intense interference with my Empathic mind.

Oregon is a unique place for healing because here, Nature’s frequency is so primordial and her tranquility transcends the senses into a blissful reprieve. She reigns supreme here and because of this, my spirit, body, mind and emotions have started to balance themselves out.

Michael and I took our first hike in one of the state parks close to where we live a few weeks ago. It was on this day that a female Sasquatch named, Warsiah, contacted me.

I was feeling kind of blue so in this particular instance I feel for this reason she decided to reach out to me.

I brought two apples with me and after our first contact, decided to leave one  apple in an area that was between two large trunks of a tree that felt like a magical fairy dwelling, hidden from humans.

We went back a week later to see if the apple was gone and it was. The whole apple was gone but I didn’t see any evidence that it was or wasn’t because of Warsiah. To be honest, I’m not sure she took it.

I did tell her no strings attached; just take it as an offering of my friendship and gratitude for her contact. It felt good to feel her energy.

From her contact, she told me a few things that I felt I should share.

She told me that she is with a clan that is earth bound called, The Beneathers. They don’t walk through portals and she said that they have been on this planet since Earths early years, before man entered the picture. Her ancestry remembers all the earth’s changes; I guess you could call them, another group along with Loekey’s clan, who are Record Keepers for earth.

She told me that they intermingle and know the portal jumpers such as Loekey-the portal jumper who contacted me two years ago. The clan can see the portals but they don’t go into them because as Loekey stated, for any human, species or being that is not trained and born into the jumping, it can be dangerous.

Warsiah did say that if necessary they would consider jumping in the portals but only in a catastrophic event.

This doesn’t mean that Warsiah and her clan don’t bring in a variety of unique attributes with them. Their vibration is much higher than ours and it’s easier for them to move from one location to another, faster, almost becoming invisible.  They look as if they are walking in a fast forward motion but in truth they are able to affect the way we see them in our normal time reference. This means she would look like she disappeared, appearing in another location but in reality, she just moves differently in our linear view of time.

She could be standing by a tree and because she is so in tune with Nature, actually they are a part of Nature, she would look like a part of the tree and only if she chose to show herself, would I be able to see her.

She said they watch humans in hopes to meet those who they might make contact with. They keep vigilant tabs on hunters traversing close to their communities, or anyone with weapons or negative intentions. They could be ten feet from someone without them knowing it. They are silent watchers and they prefer to have a more silent footstep. That doesn’t mean they can’t be loud, it just means they are non confrontational by nature. But at the same time, they don’t back down from aggressive behavior, especially if it puts them or their loved ones in danger.

Warsiah did say, they did interact with Native Americans who they call Numah, hundreds of years ago but it was not always amicable. I think there was a kind of enmity on both sides but she didn’t go into detail on it. This attitude stands today but I think as with all people they are open to anyone with a good heart.

I got the sense she was a mother, not a young Sasquatch but more so like a woman in her 30’s which for them would easily be 150 years. Obviously they live much longer than humans because they have a very unique DNA. Age just doesn’t happen the same way for them as it does for us and this could possibly be a reason why the military is interested in them.

We intend to go back this week to see if Warsiah took her apple. She’ll get an apple a visit from us so I hope that she enjoys the offering of our friendship and hopefully down the line, she’ll wave at me and I will see her, live in the now.




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Signature of an Abductee


Our friends Mary Munoz and Hannah Thoresen have written a mother and daughter self help and guide book regarding their lives as abductees. I had the honor of writing a review for their book and highly recommend it to all UFO enthusiast and abductees. For more information on how to order this amazing book, go to their website below.


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